About Us

Based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

We are professional jewelry manufacturers producing gold, silver and brass jewelry for jewellers, brands and distributors worldwide.

We very much believe that the best results are achieved in a relationship of mutual trust with our clients. And this is what we try to achieve. Our Customer work with us for years and this is because we try to achieve their goals and invest in order to follow them.

This politic make of us as one of the biggest manufacturers in Thailand. 

With 250 employees and a Thai/European joint supervision, we can complete in house the whole production process, from design to export, and are able to understand and respond to your request

Since may 2020 all ours activities have been gathered in one new factory of 2000 sqm based in Bangkok south west area

We are member of RJC and are in certification process to get the RJC COC certification.

Our Products

We provide you the means to develop your collection with our highly skilled workforce. Production can begin from a trend brief, hand sketch or CAD design of your creation. 

Our products brochure give the opportunity for customers to choose from designs or we can also offer our expertise by making a new design as per your instruction.

We ensure exclusivity and confidentiality to our customers if they wish.

Catering towards jewelers, brands and distributors on a global scale.

2022 Statistics

Production Type

Our designers team can offer hand drawings, CAD drawings or 3D models.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop service hub for any and all your jewelry needs. 

We don’t limit our quantities to large quantities to maintain real flexibility with you.

Specialized in original products:

Any alloy : gold (any karat), silver, brass plated

All types of stone and special materials such as mother-of-pearl, wood, enamel.

Key Strengths

- High Quality Production

- Capability to mix different techniques

- Our Creativity

- Working with natural materials, such as rough stones

- Mastering of surface process achieving quality finished result

- Vertical integration of entire production process from casting to plating

Our Techniques