CAM (Computer-assisted manufacturing) is used to describe the 3D objects manufactured with a computer. Before, because of the cost and the difficulty to use it, this technology was only used in big industries like cars. But nowadays this technology is completely integrated with the jewelry manufacturing process.

Of course, this technology is not perfect and we still need to use wax carving. But this technology is well adapted to regular precision work.

Here is a list of a very adapted case where the CAM is used :

  • Modifications of Existing Models: when you have to modify a master several times,

  • Geometrical and revolution shapes: usually faster and perfectly geometrical shape,

  • Ring size: when you need to make the ring size you can make a master for each size more quickly,

  • A precision setting like pave: the computer allows us to have a perfectly straight line with the same space between the line.

  • Rendering image: more and more customers need the 3D design for catalogs or the internet. You can adjust the gold color or the color of the stones.