Mass production

A basic definition

Mass production is the repetition of the same model a large number of times in opposition with a custom-made jewelry.

Be carefull don’t make the mistake of confusing custom-made jewelry with jewelry that has a “customized finish”.

Mass production can be customised as the same model can be declined in différent mateirals with diferent kind and color of stones.

Mass production model can also be customized by taking off or adding stones in it to give birth to a completly new models.

Differences in originality

Mass-produced jewelry is usually following the trends. As customer usually want to wear what the other peoples are wearing. But that dosen't mean that mass-produced jewelry necessarely lack of originality. Some mass-produced jewelry can be more original than custom-made jewelry and vice versa

Differences in final quality

One difference between custom jewelry and most of the mass-produced jewelry is quality. Custom-made benefits of a special attention and as it is a unique pieces you can spend more time on the pieces and you adjust the pieces directly in opposition with the mass-produced jewelry where any modification must be done to the master of production.

The final quality difference is mainly comming from the price. Peaople that want Custom-made jewelry usualy have a higher budget for their piece. That simply mean that we will spend more time on the pieces but is is also possible to make mass production at a very high quality.

Differences in cost

The main difference in the cost come from the time and from the tools cost.

Both custom-made and and mass-produced jewelry used the same tools for production however the cost have to be divided by the number of pieces produced.

An other cost difference come from the time spend and finally the main cost difference com from the material and the stone.

Mass produced jewelry are usually designed to be lighter, thinner and to used standard cut stones to minimize the productions costs.


Mass-produced jewelry and custom-made jewelry does not mean low cost or expensive cost.

You basically pay for what you have that mean that the level of quality is adjusted to the wishes of the customer.

The definition of the quality is "The good quality for the right price".

  • There is no meaning to make overquality if the final customer is not willing to pay for it

  • You cannot have a perfect quality at a low price.


We are working brass with any plating on it : (silver, rhodium, gold)


We work any karats : 8K, 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 23K in any color : Pink, yellow, white


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