The master is the last step before production. A good master is the key to the success of a good production. The details must be as clean and as sharp as possible. Every detail, non polished part will be copy in the mold and finally in the finish pieces.

Here is some master for a unique pieces that need to be rework because the detail is not enough for our customer. On this picture the feather detail is not what the customer expected and we decided to rework it. The top part of the feather obviously lack of detail. The one in red have been reworked already

There is some simple rules to follow about the master except the quality of the detail. The master will always be bigger than the finish piece.

It is indeed difficult to read a master for non professionnal because it can look gross compared to the finish pieces.

A master can also be composed of several parts even if the finish piece is in one part. This is only for production meaning. The purpose is only to make the filling and the polishing possible or more easy.

For all these raison we prefer not to show to our customers the finish master and we only show them the drawing and the finish piece.

Sometime the work start directly on the silver and in this case the master is done directly in silver. Here is some exemple were the master will not be done on computer or in wax carviong :

  • Small pieces : more and more people ask in silver some really small pieces. The wax during the work is becoming hot and the small pieces become really difficult to work.

  • Flat engraved pieces : For this pieces we are directly doing the pieces with CNC or by laser cuting.

  • Once the master is finished and clean we proceed to the rubbers.