There is a lot of setting that can be used but there is one for each of your products. Bellow is the list of classical setting we are able to do.


The setting have a collar all around or on a part of the stone. This setting is strong and take time. It is also the oldest one


The stone are fitted in a continuous strip of metal with a channel.


Pieces of metal looking like "claws" come to maintain the stone. The stone can be held by 2,3,4 or more prongs. The head of the prong can also be circular, triangular or in other shape


Like the name indicate the grain come to held the stone. The grain can be done in CAD, in the master or directly on the pieces depending the level of quality expected


This setting is used for really small stone. In between the stone lay a metal part that is cut in two to hold the stone on each side. Usually with this technique the stone is held in 4 point. The name micro come from the binocular used to do this work.


In this setting the surface is prepared with pin. The stone are slide in between the nail and then the head of the pin is flattened to take the shape of a nail.

And the pavé setting in all of this ? We arive to that. Here is following the defini

  • Pave setting : the pavé setting is not a technique of setting but more the fact to cover the surface of the jewel with stone. It is comming from the french word "pavé" that describe the stone on the old road. Usually the setting technique use in pave setting is the grain setting.

  • Micro pave setting : this is pave setting with really small stone of 0.7-0.9mm

  • Wax setting : The stone are directly set in the wax before the casting. This technique is use for really cheap item. The stones are not realy straight and not on the same level.

Then aside of this there is some more techniques like the invisible setting where you come to cut the stone under the table to insert a metal pin that will held the stone.

You can also combine these techniques to found the right setting for your jewel. Because we need to keep in mind that the setting can also be used as a decoration