Wax Carving

Sometime computer assisting manufacturing process is not possible. and we need to carved the waxes by hand. This work is very precise and wax carver need to have a lot of experience. For example if you plan to produce a piece non geometrical it is more efficient to carve the model directly in the wax. It is the same if you plan to do an animal with the fur.

The quality and the level of detail needed determine the time spend on this process. A pieces can take from 30 minutes to one month according to the size and details asked.

To engrave the wax we use a special wax mixed with plastic that you can cut and carved with metal tools. This wax is usually of dark green color and can be found in various shapes such as :




For the tools there is a lot existing that you can found in professional shop but here is some we are using :

Coming back to our production you can see on this picture the work in process for a wax based on the design validated by our customer. The wax here is curved around the pearl to stick perfectly around it.

In this case the pearl is round so the master issue from this wax can be used for several pieces. But for some unique pearl like baroque south see pearl each pieces have his one wax work to fit perfectly to it.

Here are some design requiring 3D carving

Here are some finished 3D carving

An organic flower

A small owl

A miniature viking

A Pig

Once the wax are valudated we can proceed with the masters