Wax Carving

In some cases, the use of CAM is not feasible, requiring wax models to be carved by hand. This is where our highly experienced wax carvers can create very precise pieces. Wax carving is used to produce pieces that are non-geometrical, or for example an animal with fur as it is more efficient to carve these models in wax.

Depending on the size and complexity of the model will determine the length of time it will take to complete. Wax models can be created within 30 minutes up to one month to ensure the quality and level of detail is met.

Our wax is mixed with plastic allowing our tools to carve, cut and engrave the wax. Usually in a dark green colour, it can come in a range of different sizes and shapes as shown below.




The tools we use can be found in professional stores. Shown here is the type of equipment needed for wax carving :  

Here is an example of a wax model which has been validated by our customer is being curved around the pearl to ensure it can fit perfectly to the finished product. 

In this case the pearl is round so the master issue from this wax can be used for several pieces. But for some unique pearl like baroque south see pearl each pieces have his one wax work to fit perfectly to it. 

Designs requiring Wax Carving

Finished Wax Carving Models

An organic flower

A small owl

A miniature viking

A Pig

Once the wax models are approved, we then proceed to the masters.